Welcome to the DKV Tachomanager
The DKV Tachomanager is an inexpensive, online application to enable secure archiving and reporting of your tachograph data and driver cards.

DKV Tachomanager
NEW: additional features from our partner TACHOfresh GmbH
upload of all driver and vehicle data in a central webserver over a secure internet connection
easy to use
online display of resting and driving time
generates all neccessary reports on drivers and vehicles, including social reports
display of warnings and violations
allways access to your datafiles and reports
display of daily and total mileage
storage in a high security service centre
reminder on archiving of driver and vehicle data
remote download of signed driver and vehicle data
allows download while vehicle is moving
Hardware to download the data you can conveniently order from our partner TACHOfresh GmbH: