Smart Tacho - Impacts of registration for forwarding of personal data (26.08.2019)

Please note that when driver cards are entered for the first time in the new VDO 4.0 tacho , the response to the "Output ITS data" query has an effect on the transfer of personal driver data, and thus on the Remote download of driver data and the TACHOfresh Live display can be blocked.

- If the question "Output ITS data" is answered with
NO , no data will be output in TACHOfresh Live,
In addition, the remote download of the driver card is blocked , as the driver card number is regarded as part of the personal data of the VDO 4.0 tachograph.

These settings on the driver card apply to "old" (generation 1) and "new" (generation 2) driver cards.

In the first few weeks after the introduction of VDO Tacho 4.0, it was noticed that many drivers were asking whether they wanted to transmit their personal data via ITS and have answered
NO , which has led to the effects described above.

The driver selection once made for data transmission can be revised. To do this, the driver must go to the main tachograph menu after inserting his driver card in the VDO 4.0 tachograph. After selecting the country, the menu item "Output ITS data?" you can change from
NO to YES .

There are no known effects for
Stoneridge tachographs of the new generation. Irrespective of the entry in the menu item "Pers. data export OK?" all data will be output in any case, and thus there will be no effects on TACHOfresh Live and the remote download of the driver cards.

Legal background
The EU Implementing Regulation 2016/799 of 18 March 2016 defined in Annex 13, ITS Interface, under 4.5 "Driver consent" that "personal data may only be accessed with the consent of the driver that the personal data of the tachograph may leave the vehicle network in favour of third party applications". The driver's consent is given when a specific driver or workshop card unknown to the vehicle unit is inserted for the first time and the cardholder is requested to consent to the output of personal tachograph data via the optional ITS interface.